Our Reliable IT Process

Our custom IT solutions are based on your real needs, budget, and your existing IT infrastructure.
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Our Approach

IT support isn’t just a game of numbers to us; it’s about solving the real issues you face with your current MSP, solutions, and processes. This is why we follow a four-step process to help us understand your needs and resolve your problems for good:
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In the initial assessment, we want to learn and view the problems from your point-of-view. This helps us understand the issues and frustrations you are experiencing with the existing IT infrastructure and processes.

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Problem Identification

After we understand your concerns, we perform our own assessment. We run the results against our strict quality control processes to see where you stand, and what needs to be done to reach eligibility to be able to guarantee our services.

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Strategy Formulation

Based on the amount of work needed to reach eligibility, environment complexity, and your budget, we create a strategy and present a proposal for you to review.

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Execution & Optimization

Once the proposal is approved, we install our support tools, take over your IT infrastructure, and your peace of mind can begin!

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Our Customers, our Family

We continue to impress many small and medium-sized businesses with their IT needs through our outstanding support.
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Felippe Marques, HIIT Investments LLC, Owner

"Working with Lumari Tech has been refreshingly easy, efficient and effective. Omar and team provide the best IT support and Managed IT that I have experienced in the last few years. Truly impressive technology services, always available Network support and additional server and cloud services are what takes Lumari Tech a step beyond what others offer. I appreciate working with Lumari Tech and recommend their services highly."

Greg Chickneas, F45 Training Buckhead, owner

"Very professional and the only IT support I will use for my businesses.  Very highly recommend!!"

Andres Alvarez, Design Director at YSM Design P.C.

"Having Lumari Tech for our network support has been a game-changer for us, their IT support is almost instant. They are on another level with all their technology services offered to make our lives easier by not worrying about our servers or managing IT and simply concentrating to do our job. Working with Omar and his team is wonderful as they are very approachable and attending to any of our needs. We highly recommend working with Lumari Tech."